That paanda is_______pretty答案是6个字母的

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That paanda is_______pretty答案是6个字母的
That paanda is_______pretty

That paanda is_______pretty答案是6个字母的

That paanda is_______pretty答案是6个字母的 this is______rand that's_____u This bike is 400 yuan.That bike is 500 yuan.(保持原意)That bike is______ _____than this one.This bike is______ _____than that one. 使句子意思不变:That girl is twelve years old.She is______ __________ ______.使句子意思不变:That girl is twelve years old.She is______ __________ ______. ( )This girl is good ,but that girl is______.( )This girl is good ,but that girl is______.A.taller B.stronger C.better D.fatter That_____(不是)his pencil.It is______(he)eraser.That schoolbag is______(he).This is my dictionary.It's______(I) This eraser is______(she).Is that ruler_______(your)?The green ruler is________(Mike). The number of the student in Class1 is______(多)than that of Class 3 The munber of diagonals that can drawn i a regular polygon with twenty sides is______ 紧急紧急!That school is______(call) Volleyball School.横线上填什么? This building is______ beautiful______ (不如)that one.The professor will give us a lecture about the traditional Chinese c____. This book is less important than that one.(同义句) This book is______ ______ ______this one. We have realized that it is______ who have destroyed animal's living aerasa.people b.persons d.humans Our homework is always_____.It seems that road is______.It is you who made the surprising___(end) 模仿例句改句子.急例句:1.This dress is long,but that one is______.This dress is long,but that one is longer.2.Tom is intelligent,but Bill is______.Tom is intelligent,but Bill is more intelligent.1.This book is cheap,but that one is______.2.T 翻译:The newly-build hall is______(大五倍)our classroomThe big box is______(是……的四倍重量as……as)the small oneThis street is_______(是三倍的长度……用名词length)that one This is______ a thilling story ______ hardly any people believe it.A.such;that Bao;that C.such;so;such ____makes us happy is______ our parents are still healthy and strong.A.It that B what that我觉得是选B 能不能讲一下 为什么? The wood of some trees is______.A.harder than othersB.harder than that of othersC.harder than that of others'D.harder than those of others